What is the project all about?
FanCoin is one of our success stories, but if you want a simple answer like explaining it to a 5 year old, it would sound something like this:

“Hey kid, we both like to play and watch sports but how well do you know the teams? Let’s play a game and see! There are only 10 questions, it’s really fun and you can even win the t-shirt of your favorite team!
Hurry, the match is about to begin!”

On a serious note though, together with the guys at FanCoin, we’re building a remarkable solution where people can perform sports betting activities without wagering real currency.

What hurdles can you expect on a project like this
Our focus is always on gaining the trust of our customers because we understand that their projects are really important to them, but of course we also have to think about unexpected cases.

One example would be the security settings that work really well at the office but when working from home, we would periodically get firewalled and sometimes it could take up to 15 minutes to be granted access.

Working with the guys at FanCoin
We managed to create a relationship based on trust and we liked the fact that they are young entrepreneurs that are fighting for their product.

From a coding perspective the atmosphere is relaxed, without too many rigid processes and rules.

I think the strength of their team comes from its young age and the seamless communication. Both guys are open to discuss and clarify ideas and problems as soon as they arise.

Why we’re excited about this types of projects
There’s a big potential for growth and due to the multitude of services that the project is composed of, we had the chance to work with the latest technologies.

On the customer experience side we had the chance to integrate two new sports: College Basketball and American Football, the latter being one of the most popular choices for the end user.

All of this generated new users on the platform which led to a considerable growth after the release of some user engagement features.

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