The Idea:

The wide area network can be an expensive administrative nightmare with lead times for bandwidth running into months. Increasing bandwidth traffic results in an increased bandwidth demand even for small and medium sized enterprise websites. 

Upgrading the MPLS bandwidth can be time-consuming and expensive. With more and more enterprise applications moving into the internet, businesses are adding more commodities into the traditional one mix. This is being done to better balance the network performance and the price. 

The result is increased overhead in terms of network management configuration and orchestration. A technology has emerged that represents the most simplified and cost-effective way to an intelligent one.

Technologies Used:

To fully complete this type of application, multiple technologies had to be used. 

API – Spring Boot: As the API was based on microservices, some of these were written in Java using Spring

WEB – Angular: The web client is represented by an Angular 9 SPA client that consumes the exposed APIs

INFRA – Rancher: It was used as an infrastructure solution

API – Node js: As the API was based on microservices, some of them have been written in node.js

The Software Application:

As mentioned before, this application is specially designed for the enterprise network. It helps your enterprise to reduce the overhead in terms of management network configuration. 

The level of expertise required in the past is now heavily reduced in terms of people needed. With data driven machine learning and artificial intelligence the decisions that you make for your enterprise are increasingly more accurate and effective.

How abac Helped:

In this process we have helped with the development and the architecture of the software application.

SDWAN – Software Defined Wide Area Network

This technology addresses some of the biggest pain points that enterprises currently face. It helps your organization to reduce the level of expertise required to configure a branch network, enabling you to combine dedicated data connections with low-cost broadband. 

With SDWAN you can reserve your premium data capacity for more business critical applications. The non-critical data is offloaded to a secured internet tunnel so it won’t clutter the MPLS bandwidth.