The Idea:

Ever since the ancient days, the human mind was attracted to betting. And in the past, people would place bets on the most trivial of things, like a knight challenge or a snail race.

Fast forward to the modern age, people are still placing bets. Most of them are in sports. Like football, basketball, baseball, horses etc. But also in fantasy sports.

That’s the raw idea which gave birth to Fancoin. A software application aimed at penetrating the US market for fantasy sports betting. This market has been recently opened up due to regulatory changes.

In order to start outsourcing the software development of the application to a software development company, a couple of questions needed to be answered. And some product consultancy too for the needs to be clearly understood.

As a startup we seek to challenge the status quo. Therefore, we became Fancoin’s software partner in order to develop this amazing software application. 

We did develop this software for a cross-platform use. People from iOS and Android too.

Technologies Used:

.NET Core – We used this programming language as the main technology for creating RESTful microservices on the backend side.

Ionica (Mobile & Web) – For the mobile clients we built it with Ionic 3. A hybrid application that consumes the exposed APIs.

AZURE – We used Azure for the infrastructure of the software application. It is the cloud service hosting both of the APIs and the Web SPA.

The Software Application:

The system is a multi-actor software system that is composed of a set of client applications. It has been written using a hybrid development framework that is used by fans. 

A web application for managing the content on the platform. And another one for the microservices that expose the APIs for the business logic.

How abac helped:

Since the idea was pretty clear inside the client’s head, we did not do the entire application. The software application was already developed at an early stage. So it could be used by a small number of people.

But for the software application to operate at scale, there was development needed. We assigned a team of 4 developers that brought up a lot of features. Features such as: 

After these features have been developed and added to the application, we have to see how users react. After we gather this data we can accurately maintain the application up to date with everything it needs.

That’s the maintenance part which we are currently handling for better software application development. This is important due to future changes in user’s behavior and overall usage of the software application.

At abac, we have proven experience in interacting with startups, and that’s why our company tries to be as flexible as possible to the needs of the product. That’s why we’ve embedded “the product mindset” in our efforts for building the coolest software solutions on the market.

This is what the CEO of this marvelous software application can say about the help we’ve offered. If you are looking forward to work with abac or just have a conversation, you can schedule one here.