The idea:

More and more people are going from the classical carbon energy production to a more green medium. Instead of burning coal and wood now they are looking for different alternatives for energy. Some of these alternatives include solar, wind, water just to name a few. 

For the progressive people of Denmark this represented an enormous opportunity and they decided to grab it! This is how wind turbines  started to grow in that beautiful country. 

But in order to install a wind turbine, there is some work that is required, such as having the correct business process management. Before we even start to do the groundwork, a couple of things need to be put in place before anything else.

Things such as selecting the right people for the job, getting the right equipment in place and also allocating the workforce accordingly. Not only that, but since this is going to be a long term project a group of people needed to be there most of the time. Among the allocated personnel there were also chefs, cleaning people and so on.

Most importantly of them all is to clearly understand the business process in order to automate it. Since this was a special industry, a custom solution was required for the wind turbines. 

Technologies Used:

For this custom solution there was a need to make software development in a unique way. The first thing that was needed was an agile solution and agile delivery of the project. 

It all started by doing some iterations. This means that some estimations have been made at different stages of the project. It also means that it needs to be implemented in fairly short and rapid stages. This is the agile delivery which has made this project possible. 

As far as the specific programming languages for the business process management that needed to be automated, only 3 have been used. 

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API – Spring Boot was used as the main technology for creating RESTful microservices on the backend side.

WEB – Angular – The web client is represented by an Angular 11 SPA client that consumes the exposed APIs.

INFRAT – AWS. Amazon web services was a cloud service for hosting both the APIs and the Web SPA.

The Application:

Konforza is a platform specifically targeted to the European public. It helps you manage the assembly process of a wind turbine. And it goes into all of the necessary details.

From getting the required materials to the complete installation of the turbines. But for this, as it was mentioned in the beginning , you need to start with the people.

And for the managers, the ones that are out there in the field, they need to rely on the people they get. In order to do that they needed to check people’s qualifications and see if they match with what they needed. In other words to validate the people that follow to be a part of the implementation team.

And it does not stop at only that. Once you get the right people in place you need to make sure that the process is followed to the T. This also required some process automation alongside the validation side.

Some of these processes that made sense to automate through software development were the payroll, allocation of the workforce, equipment necessary and also food.

How abac Helped:

The first thing was a thorough understanding of the business processes that needed to become automated. This happened in the Analysis phase. Then came a lo-fi prototype which was just a basic functional prototype.

While having the base in place there was also a need for the UX design so the people that will be finding it easy to work it. At this point it was time to develop the entire application with all the included features.

Once that was completed, it was time to stress test the software, to make sure it does not break down when they are installing one of the turbines. And finally it came to the Launch. Time to put it into practice and see what it can do in the real world.

And finally, it came to the Maintenance stage where the requirements would change and the application needed to change as well. 

We believe that everything in modern businesses can be automated so that they are completely manageable by software. We’re slowly getting to a point where software solutions will be our first stop for setting up elaborate business processes, and Konforza is a living proof of that.