The Idea:

For the past couple of years, the call centers used to be run by having all of the people under 1 roof. Each with their own phone, sitting in their own cubicle and answering to all of the customer’s needs.

Once the pandemic hit, this type of industry was presented with a brand new challenge. They had to give a PC and/or laptop with a headset to every person individually. So they can keep doing their job from home through the medium of the internet. 

They had to make the transition to have a remote workforce. And with a remote workforce comes a different set of challenges. Such as running a distributed call center, holding people accountable and even making sure that they are ready for the next call.

Since most of the companies that are having call centers were not used to doing business in a manner like this, they needed custom software. An intuitive software solution that would make the entire process easier.

This is how Nextcall was born. An intuitive software solution designed for a distributed call center that works on desktop and on phone too. This “uber for call centers” allows people to receive calls on their phone regardless of their physical location. All they need is an internet connection. 

Technologies Used:

As mentioned before, this practical software designed for business process automation, had to work on multiple platforms. Phone,PC, laptop and even tablet. 

In order for that to happen, multiple software development programs had to be used:

API – Spring Boot: was used as the main technology for creating RESTful microservices on the backend side.

WEB – Angular: The web client is represented by an Angular 11 SPA client that consumes the exposed APIs

MOBILE – Flutter: was used for creating the mobile experience for both iOS and Android users.

INFRA – AZURE: was the cloud service for hosting both the APIs and Web SPA.

The Software Application:

Nexcall is now a complete intuitive software solution that allows people to receive calls wherever they are. Instead of being glued to an office or a desk at home, now they can answer to anyone, anywhere. While buying groceries, doing laundry, having a walk in the park or even being in other countries. 

With an impeccable tracking system The system allows the company to track every single thing that their employees do on the phone. It also has an intuitive ux design that allows people who are using the software to find everything they need at a distance of just 1 button

This type of software solution does not only allow peer to peer connection, but also conference calls using just the phone. 


The applicability of such an intuitive software solution is that it can be used in multiple ways. Call centers and conference calls are only 2 of the entire spectrum of possibilities. You can also use it for cold calling someone in the sales process, other sales related calls. Anything that is related and it involves live calls.

How abac Helped:

For a project such as this, there was the need for a special team to be assembled. It took 5 highly qualified people and a timeframe of 5 months for the overall project to be brought to completion. 

We’ve worked closely with a company that specializes in ui/ux design for realising the branding aspect of the product. More than that, for the people who use it to be accessible and easy to understand. The easter is for people to understand and use the software application, the more they will continue to use it. 

One of abac’s core values is to simplify everything as much as possible, and to make software solutions that are tailored to the needs of the end users, thus guaranteeing a simple and intuitive interaction. This is why we’ve included the creation of a low fi prototype as part of our free consultation process, so that anyone can bring their ideas to light.