The Idea of Meeting Point:

Volunteer work is one the greatest way to contribute to society’s development. These days more and more people are looking for volunteers to build projects and create a community around them.

This was the exact aim of Meeting Point. To build a platform that would allow different companies to build a connection with the community.

When this whole project started there were many challenges that needed to be tackled. The biggest challenge was to build a platform from which volunteers can access open projects. And that will also provide a good user experience for both parties.

Not only for companies but for NGOs too,  that are looking for serious, energetic people. But also for people that are looking to volunteer their work.

The Software Application:

Now, just like any application out there, the user needs to have some features. Such as profile customization, finding volunteer work, and customizing it according to its needs and wants.

Once the profile has been completed, the volunteer will obviously start to look for work. Since most of the volunteers are looking for continuous work, through this software application, now they have the opportunity to choose their projects.

If you choose to fully book your free time with work, you can freely do so.

Multiple companies can set up a profile as well where they can put projects for people. Once a project has been uploaded the volunteers are quickly notified.

Technologies used:

We started to build a multi-actor software system. One that is composed of a responsive web SPA (Single Page Applications) combined with a UI (User Interface). Those had to be built into the platform so people can easily interact with the software application in an easy manner.

The technologies that we’ve used for this project are .NET Core for the RESTful microservices on the backend side.

On the web client-side, that is being represented by an Angular 11 SPA client that consumes the exposed APIs.

And finally INFRA – Custom. The infrastructure for this project solution is hosted on the client’s internal servers running on internal servers.

This custom software solution that we’ve built had to be directly correlated to the client’s website. An application that anyone can use by simply going on the website and downloading it.

How abac Developed The Software Solution:

One of abac’s core values is to simplify everything as much as possible and to make software solutions that are tailored to the needs of the end-users, thus guaranteeing a simple and intuitive interaction. This is why we’ve included the creation of a low-fi prototype as part of our free consultation process so that anyone can bring their ideas to light.

The way that this project has been brought to completion was through a battle-tested software development process that guarantees minimum maintenance. You can find more information on how exactly that is being done on our website under the Process section.