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abac offers consulting services in development and digital production in order to accelerate the evolution of your business to the digital space.

ATOM is a system software solution that digitalised a part of the operating processes required to manage industrial tools for factory lines inside a production plant. Optimising process flows, with the help of ATOM we have managed to reduce physical space occupied by industrial tools inside the production plant by 18%.





"The application you have built runs while we are talking in the factory. This is a satisfactory aspect for us as a customer."

Konrad Kaschek
Plantmanager @ Bosch

The scope of this B2B solution was to create "an uber for call centers", a solution for decentralizing the call centers in order to allow people to register and follow along the provided scripts using their own mobile phones. Download the app, connect and Nexcall!

"We've just made history with the first call through Nexcall, this solution will redefine the call center business. Awesome work!"

Johnny Chebat
Founder @ Nexcall

The scope of the application is to offer a convenient way for car owners that need maintenance done to their car to interact with services that operate in the Romanian industry( repair services, car parts shops, tire shops, car washes, insurance firms and so on).

"The car industry needs a revamp in order to improve their services and this is the revamp that the market needs".

Founder @ Auto-matic

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