Why outsourcing may make sense for your business?

Sadly, around 74% of companies struggle with shipping product

The main reasons this happens is:

Lack of budget

61% of companies are complaining about the cost of in-house development

Lack of local talent

88% of companies say that local talent is their biggest issue

Lack of development culture

47% of companies blame their inability to ship software on lack of culture and process

Lack of product focus

73% of companies say that they have to focus too much on software and too little on product

What is outsourcing?

Do companies usually outsource?

Common misconceptions about outsourcing

Productivity fallacy

People are more productive if they are in the same office daily, under management supervision. 80% of employees are on average 65% more productive with a flexible working schedule

Reasons that make outsourcing attractive

Satisfaction with outsourced software

Can outsourcing help your company?

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