Intuitive software solutions

abac solves real world problems by manufacturing intuitive software products and business process automation software.

Fast and Intuitive Engineering

As abac is a company started by engineers, our culture revolves around the idea of optimising everything until it becomes simple. As such, we apply this school of though to everything that we do, from the apps we build to the processes that we use in order to build them.


A network of opportunities

abac has access to a wide network of projects that allow maximum flexibility.
Weather you’re a careerist looking to grow, a freelancer looking for remote projects or a developer interested in part-time work,
abac has been flexible since before it was cool.

Stacked Deck

Our culture encourages developers to be as full stack as possible in order to understand the solution scope and attain solution ownership. Once you understand basic concepts, switching between technological stacks becomes a no brainer.



We make use of Angular for building responsive progressive web applications that run in the browser.

flutter software development technology


We use Flutter for building blazing fast mobile applications that can easily be interfaced with native iOS and Android code.

spring boot custom software development technology


Java is a favorite in building scalable web APIs.

.net core software development technology

.NET Core

We use .NET Core for building web APIs on Microsoft environments.

docker custom software development technology


Our microservices are all containerized and running on docker.

kubernetes custom software development technology


Kubernetes is our favorite orchestrator.

firebase custom software development technology


Firebase is an excelent mBAAS for apps of all scale.

testing software development frameworks

Selenium, Appium & Gatling

We make use of testing automation tools for web, mobile and load testing of our solutions.

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Development meets creative flow

abac stands for intuitiveness. As such, it’s not just our apps that should be intuitive, but also, the way in which they are presented. We take pride in complementing our development skills with the ability to host remarkable presentations built entirely in-house.

Investing in the community

Good solutions have good documentation. As any developer consumes a ton of documentation from the development community, we give it our best to share our learned lessons with the development community.

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