Looking for Java developers

As we are a company that is always hungry for growth we are constantly looking for both exciting projects and for fresh new talent that will join us in our quest to create the software solutions of tomorrow.

About the role

We're looking for experienced Java developers having between 3 and 6 years of experience that are willing to take on the challenge of designing and implementing a product according to the high standards imposed by the project. We see the ideal candidate as someone who is passionate about her work and is willing to challenge the design decisions in order to help create the best quality products.

What we hope to find

Bachelor degree in computer science
Experience in developing microservices
Experience in exposing RESTful APIs
Experience in documenting APIs (swagger)
Experience in working with both MVC and Reactive programming models
Experience with containers (docker)
Experience with a CI environment (Jenkins, Travis etc)
Experience in writing tests
We struggle to maintain a culture that revolves around solution oriented creativity, so if you are looking for new opportunities, contact us to find out more.
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