Want to develop mobile apps?

Organize your business and give both customers and employees an intuitive way to interact with it.

Fast and useful mobile apps!

abac develops mobile applications for iOS and Android, web applications and database systems, which help you take the step towards digitization.

What can we do


After studying your idea, we show you an organization plan.

Intuitive design

We develop graphical and functional "eye candy" prototypes that describe how the mobile application works and looks.

Mobile app development

We develop fast and useful mobile apps that works on both iOS and Android. You don't have to choose anymore!

Many areas, many challenges!

Using the set of internally developed components, abac create apps for a wide range of usage scenarios

Business - from offline to online

"I have my whole business digitized and now we can operate a distributed phone exchange"-  Johnny Chebat, Founder @ Nexcall

Software products

"We have created a software product in the esports world that has 20,000 active users"-  Octavian Cosma, CEO @ FanAxn