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Build your fast and intuitive mobile app with abac. We helps you bring your idea to life with complete mobile application development processes.

Mobile apps services for enterprise

As a mobile app outsourcing company our offering covers a wide range of services. From custom mobile application development for ios and android to business centric software solutions that increase mobility, our portfolio of solutions covers your needs.

abac helps you in analyzing, prototyping, building, testing shipping and maintaining your mobile application. Simple!

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abac analyses your scenario and creates a game plan for developing your mobile app


abac creates a functional prototype that lets everyone understand your the vision for your mobile application


abac develops and MVP for your application and delivers it towards your target audience. To spec, on time, with agility in mind. Simple!

Simple & Intuitive

Mobile apps that are blazing fast and intuitive

at abac, we believe that everything should be optimised until it’s simple. Based on this belief, our mobile apps services are evolutionary – making our software solutions evolve together with your needs.

Mobile application development that yields impactful apps

While being a mobile app outsourcing company, abac doesn’t just manufacture software.

Your problems are our problems.

Your solution becomes our solution.

At abac we take ownership of your quest for making the world a better place and as such, we take pride in your success.

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Multiple industries, multiple challanges

Every industry has it’s own challanges. At abac, we have had the priviledge of working with entrepreneurs in diverse industries such as manufacturing, automotive, gaming, events, call-centers, e-commerce to name a few.

“The apps that abac has built for us run the operations inside our manufacturing plant, orchestrating the workflow of 80 production lines in a 24-7 fashion. Now that’s reliable!”

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Konrad Kaschek

Plant Manager, Bosch Romania

“Ladies and gentleman, with this first call made through the Nexcall app, we’ve just made history in the world of call center tech”

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Johnny Chebat

CEO, Nexcall


Frequently asked questions

How are mobile applications created?

Similar to building a house, mobile applications destined for iOS or Android must follow an elaborate process before they can reach market grade maturity. For manufacturing mobile applications, we follow a finite set of steps that guarantees the yielding of intuitive apps. And that process is fully transparent.

Native mobile applications vs hybrid mobile applications?

Native mobile applications are applications developed using a vendor specific tehnologies for each particular operating system.

For example, native iOS apps are mobile applications that are developed using Apple’s Objective-C or Swift technologies and destined to run on top of the iOS operating system.

Similarly, mobile application development for Android is performed using the Kotlin or Java programming languages that yield applications destined to run on top of the Android operating system.

The advantage in building native applications is that you can make use of platform dependent features with less development effort.

The downside is that each application must be written using the mentioned vendor specific technologies. To put things simple, you write two distinct pieces of code for yielding two distincts mobile applications for iOS and Android.

On the other hand, hybrid mobile applications are applications that are implemented using a technology that can cover multiple platforms. To put things simple, you write one piece of code that will run on both Android and iOS. As an example of hybrid development technology, we have Google’s Flutter or Facebook’s React Native.

When is it better to develop a mobile application instead of a web applications?

In our day to day, we make use of both mobile applications and web applications in order to satisfy our needs.

În principle, mobile applications will always be faster than web applications and this is because of the underlaying technology that renders the content on the screen.

The main 5 reasons for using mobile applications in favor of web applications are:

  • The need for building an applications that offers functionality, without it being able to access the internet.
  • The need for mobile native functionalities that are practically dependent of a mobile operating system (email, bluetooth, push notifications, AR to name a few)
  • The need to allow the users of the app to have random accss to the application for frequent use, whilst preserving performance (ex. Evernote, Facebook, Spotify etc)
  • The need for performance in situations where the application must perform complex graphical processing whilst offering a fluid operability.
  • The need for using ASO (App Store Optimisaiton) as a preffered marketing channel for gaining traction with the application on a market.




How much does it take to develop an MVP for a mobile application?

Usually, the complexity involved in developing a mobile application depends on the number of functionalities or screens that the mobile application must offer to it’s end users.

If we were to put T-Shirt sizes in order to denote complexity, from our experience, we can say that:

  • S –> Mobile application development that requires between 1-3 months for yielding the first version of the application
  • M–> Mobile application development that requires between 3-6 months for yielding the first version of the application
  • L –> Mobile application development that requires between 6-12 months for yielding the first version of the application
  • XL –> Mobile application development that requires more than 12 months for yielding the first version of the application
How is mobile application development estimated?

The way in which mobile application development effort is estimated varies from company to company.

At abac, we make use of an estimation process that is backed by real world experience, thus ensuring that our estimates are realistic for developing applications against a fixed budget.



How much does a simple MVP app cost?

Mobile applications vary quite a lot depending on industry of use and purpose. În general, an MVP version of an app will cost you around 10.000$ – 15.000$


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