Do you want to develop mobile applications?

Mobilise your business and offer your clients and staff members an intuitive way to interact with your business.

Fast and useful mobile applications!

abac develops software systems consisting of mobile applications for iOS and Android, web applications and database systems which helps you in the next step towards digitalisation.

What we can do

Action plan

We study your scenario and come back with an action plan.

Intuitive design

We redefine the intuitive by developing graphical and functional "eye candy" prototypes that describe how the mobile application works and looks

Mobile application development

We develop fast and useful mobile applications that work on both iOS and Android. You don't have to choose anymore!

Multiple industries, multiple challenges!

Using our internally developed software components abac can create applications for a large number of scenarios.

Business from offline to online

"I've digitised my whole business and now we can operate a distributed call center" -  Johnny Chebat, Founder @ Nexcall

Software products

"I've created a software product in the esports industry which has over 20.000 active users" - Octavian Cosma, CEO @ FanAxn

Discover the world of abac

If you wish to find out more about how mobile software applications are made or you need a personalized offer, you can book a call with one of our consultants in order to answer all your questions.