The goal of this B2B software solution is to create a means so that users can an estimate for creating a new software solution and a set of standardised software specifications in an interactive way. The end goal of the product is to allow users to generate functional applications by selecting their features from a catalogue.


The industry in which this project is rooted is the IT industry, as it tries to also provide a standard for estimating development effort.


The system is a multi-actor software system that is composed of a client web SPA that serves as a portal for users offering customers the ability to estimate the costs and efforts for implementing their software solutions and allowing software development companies a means of structurally estimating the effort for developing over software solutions.


This project was brought up during hackathon sessions, with a number of 7 people working in the teams.

Our contribution


Lo-fi prototype


UX Design





Tech stack

API - Spring Boot

Spring Boot was used as the main technology for creating RESTful microservices on the backend side 

WEB - Angular

The web client is represented by an Angular 11  SPA client that consumes the exposed APIs


Amazon Web Services was the cloud service for hosting both the APIs and the Web SPA 

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