The goal of the B2B2C platform was to aggregate a means of interaction between car owners in need of maintenance services for their vehicles and the various service providers that operate in the automotive industry in Romania (such as car services, car parts shops, tyre shops, car washes, insurance providers and so on). 


The target industry for this B2B2C software system is the Romanian automotive sector, with plans to expand across Europe.

Due to legal constraints, we are not allowed to disclose exact specifics about the system (the name and branding has been changed in order to meet legal requirements). We are however allowed to demo parts of the solution that have been made publicly available.


The system is a multi-actor system composed of a set of clients applications (web, android and ios) that serve actors such as service provider administrators, consultants, accountants, productive personnel (mechanics) and car owners. These applications consume a suite of distributed and scalable, microservice based APIs in order to offer a fully aggregated experience.


From requirement elaboration, to ux design, architecture, development, testing and deployment, the project was brought up by a team of 14 people working tirelessly for a period of 8 months in order to meet a very aggressive deadline.

Our contribution


Lo-fi prototype


UX Design





Tech stack

API - Spring Boot

Spring Boot was used as the main technology for creating RESTful microservices on the backend side 

WEB - Angular

The web client is represented by an Angular 11  SPA client that consumes the exposed APIs

MOBILE - Flutter

Flutter was used for creating the mobile experience for both iOS and Android users

INFRA - GCP and Firebase

Google Cloud Platform was the cloud service for hosting the APIs and Firebase was used as a convenient way of hosting the web SPA

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