Bizmod is our own product which intends to aid and educate entrepreneurs on how to manage financial business plans. The first version of the Bizmod solution captures the attention of young and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a business but do not know how by offering a very intuitive way of tracking financial data such as assets and revenue streams using a sleek and clean user experience.

At the moment we a development plan for Bizmod that should take up to 3 years of development. This will blossom the project into an ERP solution which can be used by more mature enterprises as well, thus increasing our market.

Based on our 3 years roll-out plan we are trying to secure funding which will allow us to pilot the solution in Romania and afterwards extend the reach to other European countries.


The technical solution for the Bizmod system is composed out of two components, a SPA client which consumes a micro-service API that handles all of the business logic.


Spring Boot

Spring Boot over a synchronous servlet stack is used as the core technology for exposing the RESTful APIs that the SPA clients require. The payload for communicating in a RESTful manner is JSON.


Angular (version 6) is used as a means of creating a fast and fluent SPA according to the material design guidelines.


Firebase is used for multiple features such as buck tracking, social login, reactive nosql storage and scaling.

Flows that require real time communication use as multiple users can interact with the platform in realtime