Grouplink's eHelpDesk is a business-to-business enterprise tier ticket management solution. In order to figure out how a ticket management solution should work, imagine that you're in a large company, and one of your docked monitors stops working. You use eHelpDesk to submit a ticket to the technical department in order to have it fixed that must first be approved by your manager. The ticket is forwarded to a technical support group, where one of the technical engineers gets in contact with you to troubleshoot your problem.

The eHelpDesk solution was not designed by us, as we merely have been performing development work on various feature and bug-fixes since 2017.


Spring MVC

As a backend solution, eHelpDesk uses Spring MVC as a java based framework in order to perform both server side rendering and the serving of JSON. Server side rendering is performed via JSP pages.


Although the solution supports multiple database vendors, the preferred one is Oracle.


Hibernate as a persistence framework