The Grouplink solution offers its customer an entire suite of services that are related to the processing of tickets. This B2B solution can be installed on customer premise in order to get customers up an running with regards to the management of issues inside of their organisations


The industry that this project is operating in is the Ticketing industry, although the solution itself can be applied and adapted to a larger nieche of customers such as customer support, call centers, it ops and so on.


The system is a multi-actor software system that allows for the customers to setup their own permission and role hierarchy for routing tickets for processing. Built on top of a Spring based, SSR (Server Side Rendering) solution that consumes a set of decoupled RESTful APIs, the Grouplink platform is adapted for a very wide range of use cases. 


For this project, we've worked in close relations with our US customers and allocated a number of 2 developers for a period of 1 year

Our contribution


UX Design


Tech stack

API - Spring MVC

Spring MVC was used as the main technology for creating RESTful microservices on the backend side 

WEB - Spring MVC

The web client is represented by a Spring MVC SSR client that consumes the exposed APIs

INFRA - Custom

Hosting of the platform was performed on a custom infrastructure

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