The goal of this B2C software solution was to create a virtual playground where fans can place bets on both real and fantasy sports events using a virtual currency called FanCoin, which they could later on exchange for fanware.


This software application aims to penetrate the recently opened US market as a pioneer of fantasy sports betting, as this market has just opened up due to regulatory changes.


The system is a multi-actor software system that is composed of a set of clients applications written using a hybrid development framework that are used by fans, a web application for managing content 0n the platform and a set of microservices that expose the APIs for the business logic.


For this project, we've worked in close contact with the guys over at FanQuest and helped them build a team of 4 people developers that brought up a lot of features for the software solution.

Our contribution



Tech stack

API - .NET Core

.NET Core was used as the main technology for creating RESTful microservices on the backend side 

MOBILE - Ionic

The mobile clients are built using Ionic 3 as a hybrid application that consumes the exposed APIs

WEB - Ionic

Ionic was used on the web side as well


Azure was the cloud service for hosting both the APIs and the Web SPA 

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