The maintenance app is an easy to use application that is used by factory engineers that would perform maintenance operation on the assembly line equipment in order to find out more information about the actual equipment in an easy way.


All the users had to do is just use our app in order to scan an NFC chip that was attached to the industrial equipment, and the app would consume a server and show all of the relevant maintenance information such as number of revisions, date of last service, components changes and so on in a clear and friendly way. Also the app has the capability of scanning QR codes from service manuals to bring up relevant information about how to perform maintenance operations.

Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to say more, so we thought that it may be a good idea to illustrate the functionality using a short video. The same technology is currently being used in an industrial manufacturing plant because of us, and we're proud for it



Android 8.0 as the core technology for the application, having Retrofit 2 as a RESTful client. NFC scanning was implemented using default Android functionality. QR scanning was implemented using Google Vision API.

App logic was written in kotlin