Requirement is a solution which can be used by patience suffering of dermatological issues to get in touch with doctors. A patient must first submit a form in which he details his issue and also uploads pictures of the symptoms.Afterwards the system required the patient to pay for the the medical assistance.

The system then generates a case that gets assigned to a pool of doctors from which a doctor can pickup and handle the case.


As a solution, the system is composed out of two components, a responsive single page application that adapts itself to phone, tablets and event larger screens, and a server side application which stores and handles all of the application flow.

The actors involved in the interaction are patients needing medical assistance, doctors which register an account in order to receive cases and ratings and an administrator which can manually handle various aspects of the platform such as managing doctors, disabling accounts or changing case statuses.


Spring boot

Spring boot is used in order to create the RESTful micro-service which handles the program flow


MySQL is used as a storage solution

Materialize css

Materialize is used as a material design UI framework that provides functional and good looking components.


Angular (version 4) was used as the core UI development framework


Hibernate is used as an object relational mapping framework.