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Intending to digitise your business or create an application? abac can plan and develop software solutions adapted to your needs.

Bespoke software development services

We offer software development services for creating fast and reliable web and mobile applications that are backed up by cloud environments in order to focus on your business. 

What we offer

Product design

We design not only the user interface(UI) but also the user experience(UX) side of the application by following your entrepreneurial vision, grouping everything into a functional prototype.

Software architecture

Products must evolve. Software architecture is important to enable products to adapt quickly to market needs.

Software development

Whether you want to share the software application or develop custom software solutions, ABAC can expand your development teams.

Software consulting

Sometimes all that is needed is a new perspective on the development process to optimize delivery.

Things we did

A software solution in which volunteers can interact with companies to find new challenges and activities.

"The platform helps us, volunteers and companies and that results in a better world for everyone"

Romana Michaela Michalíková

Project Manager @ V.I.A.C.

An "uber for call centers" or a software solution that automates business processes inside call centers allowing them to operate in a distributed manner.


"We've just made history with the first call in Nexcall, solution that will redefine all call centers. Awesome work"

Johnny Chebat

Founder @ Nexcall

ATOM is a software system that digitizes some industrial machinery management operating processes needed at production lines inside a production plant. By optimizing the process flow, with ATOM we managed to reduce the physical space occupied by the industrial equipment in the production hall by 18%.

"Your solutions work "Aplicațiile pe care echipa dumneavoastră le-a construit funcționează în fabrică chiar în acest moment, și acest lucru este satisfăcător pentru noi - clientul"

Konrad Kaschek

Plant Manager @ Bosch



Development of responsive web software solutions


Development of hybrid mobile software applications

Android și iOS

Development of native mobile software applications

Java Spring

Development of API (database) software solutions using Java


Development of API (database) software solutions using .NET

Google Cloud Platform + Firebase

Infrastructure solutions in the google ecosystem

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