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Bespoke software packages for industry-specific solutions

To stay ahead of the competition, leading businesses must constantly adapt to market trends. Companies that operate in a specific industry have their own particularities, so bespoke app development is the solution for efficient operations support.

From bespoke software product development intended for a target audience to custom enterprise application development services tailored around business needs, abac is your partner towards achieving digital agility.

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We build your functional prototype that completely describes your envisioned software application in just 2 weeks.


Let us assemble all of the functional and non-functional requirements for your application so that it can be built to your advantage.


Based on the application’s requirements, we build your applicaiton to spec, on time, agile or fixed price.

Optimal and Intuitive

Bespoke app development

At abac, our belief system is that everything should be optimised until it’s simple.

Based on this belief, we built our bespoke software packages around business needs. This way the custom application software we develop is optimal in performance and intuitive in use.

As simple as that!

Digital transformation for businesses

Achieve digital agility and bring impact to your operating market by working with a company that will own up to your mission.

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Custom software applications

Developed for specific workflows

Every business that operates in a particular industry has it’s own way of doing things in their day to day.

Our custom-build software solutions aim to optimise this as much as possible so that the business can grow. 

“The applications that we’ve developed with abac work in our factory, servicing 80 production lines in a 24-7 production process. Now that’s reliable!”

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Konrad Kaschek

Plant Manager, Bosch Romania

“Ladies and gentleman, with this first call performed through the Nexcal platform, we have just made history in the call center industry”

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Johnny Chebat

CEO, Nexcall


About custom software development

How are custom software applications manufactured?

Each custom build software application has to undergo a software development process before it can reach market-readiness.

As such, the following video explains the lifecycle for a software application

Software systems, API's, applications and other technical jargon?

A software application

A software application (or app) is practically a computer program that is designed for satisfying a specific purpose for a specific series of users.

Frontend applications

Frontend applications (or client applications) are applications that have user interfaces. Think of a website, a mobile app or a desktop program that you can work with.

Backend applications

Backend applications are applications that just contain business specific logic (data-centric apps, apis) and that allow other applications to interact with this logic.

An API (or Application Programming Interface) is a good example for an application that exposes business logic towards being used by other applications.

A software system

A software system is practically a collection of applications and apis that work together towards solving a particular set of problems.

Custom software development vs web-design?

If you’re in need of a simple presentational website or a simple e-commerce store then you’re in need of webdesign services that help you build your web experience of top of an existing software platform (such as wordpress or instacart, which offers a lot of software features out of the box)

Custom software development on the other hand represents the manufacturing of software applications that may have unique busines logic (that hasn’t existed before).

Custom developed software systems allow for far greater flexibility with regards to the detail of customisation. 

Creating a web application for orchestrating the workflow of your specific business or manufacturing a software product that is unique to your vision are great examples of what the yield of custom software development is.



How much time does is take to build a custom software system?

În general, the amount of effort that goes into the creation of a custom build software system depends on the number of features that are needed.

As a simple rule of thumb, we have created a simple T-Shirt size for how much time it takes to develop certain systems:

  • S –> Software systems that require a period of 1-3 months to reach the first releasable version
  • M –> Software systems that require a period of 3-6 months to reach the first releasable version
  • L –> Software systems that require a period of 6-12 months to reach the first releasable version
  • XL –> Software systems that require a period of more than 12 months to reach the first releasable version



How is effort estimated for developing bespoke software solutions?

The way in which estimation is performed varies from company to company.

At abac, we make use of an estimation system that involves scoring software features using complexity points and then amounting these complexity points into a total.

By dividing this total against the number of points that a particular team can develop in a certain perioad of time, we then find out the number of weeks needed in order to implement the software solution.




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