Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for using the website


Version [01.01.2021]


These terms and conditions contain the rule set needed for accessing and using the abac.software website by users. 

The abac.software website is operated by RED ABACUS DEVELOPMENT SRL, a Romanian company registered with the nr. J12/2788/2016 in the Registry of Commerce, having the unique business id RO36345302, with headquarters in Romania on no. 27 Gruia street, 400171 CLuj-Napoca, Romania, hereinafter referred to as “abac” or “we” or any other similar term.

In order to use the website and make use of all of its functionalities, you will have to abide by the following terms and conditions that are imposed by abac.


Site → The website that you are currently on

User → Any person that visits this website and that interacts with its functionalities

Content → Any form of intellectual property that is publicly exposed on the website (illustrations,text articles, images, videos, animations, sounds,source code, binaries, etc)

Feature → Any functionality that the site exposes that can be used by the user (real time estimations, interactive illustrative applications, etc)

Content, Features and Availability


abac.software is a company that operates in the custom software development industry. In this sense, abac exposes various informative content to it’s users, such as:

  • Info about abac’s internal culture
  • Info about the technological process of building software products
  • Info about the technological process for designing software products
  • Info about abac’s portfolio and proof of work
  • Info about available jobs
  • Info about technologies and news from the technology sector
  • Commercial offerings

The content exposed on the abac website has an informative character and should be treated as such.


With regard to features, abac exposes multiple software features for the benefit of its users, such as (without limiting ourselves to):

  • A means of computing time and effort estimations for the development of a custom software solution (in real time)
  • A means of obtaining a set of user stories for a to-be-built custom software solution
  • etc

abac reserves for itself all the rights for using the functionalities exposed by their website, which are exposed to the users. Thus, abac does not have any obligation to offer details with regards to the internal workings of these functionalities or any data that is present on the site (as this is internally classified as a commercial secret).

The features exposed on the abac website intend to bring value to the experience of the users of the website.


All rights concerning this website, it’s contents and functionalities are thus reserved by abac. 

abac can perform any and all of the listed operations without the need to provide notice to its users: 

  • Add, edit, remove, unexpose, or impose limitations to any/all aspect of the website
  • Add, edit, remove, unexpose, or impose limitations to any/all content from the website
  • Add, edit, remove, unexpose any feature from the website
  • Add, edit, remove, unexpose, or impose limitations to any/all users of the website

Abac cannot guarantee the availability of the website, its contents or its features, and can alter any of the mentioned at its discretion without the need to give notice.

Terms of usage


Using the website either as a new user, or as an existing abac customer implies that you have read and understood the terms and conditions imposed by the website and that you’ve been informed with regards to the following policies:

Any user has the obligation to get informed about the policies and terms and conditions for using the website before actually using the website, it’s content or any of its functionalities. Furthermore, the user agrees to:

  • Not try to interfere with the security of the website
  • Not try to hack into the website or to try and impact the website in a negative way
  • Not try to cripple or block the content and functionalities of the website from being publicly accessible
  • Not try to use bots against the website in order to generate false traffic or in order to overflow the website with bad traffic
  • Not try to obtain unauthorized access to the website’s internal features
  • Not try to use the website for illegal marketing activities, or any marketing activities that are not signed off by abac

In general, a user should have a “good faith” legal conduit for using the website and should not try to abuse or exploit any of the weaknesses that are existent on the website.

Intellectual property rights

Abac has all the intellectual property rights for the website, its contents, its features and its data. In this sense, the website, contents, features and data cannot be copied, modified, distributed, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, transmitted or sold in any of it’s forms without the written consent of abac.

User obligations

User’s of the website will have to abide by the terms and conditions imposed by abac for using the website. In the event in which loss or prejudice is brought to abac by the misuse of the website by the user, the user will have to reimburse abac.

Abac obligations

Abac is not legally liable for any of the actions that it performs on it’s website and does not guarantee the persistence of the website, its data, its features or its contents.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by Romanian law and as such, any dispute shall be settled in romanian instances.

Your consent

By continuing to use this website, you consent that you have read, understood and accepted the contents imposed by this Terms and Conditions and that you fulfil all of the legal requirements (age, capacity, authorization etc) to execute and respect these Terms and Conditions.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

From time to time, the terms and conditions will be changed or updated, and in that sense, we kindly ask you to check the versioning for all of our policies and terms that we are currently exposing.

The terms and conditions and policies exposed on this website are versioned based on their date of release.