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Manage your tool
ordering shipping use maintenance testing returning

Manage your tool ordering shipping use maintenance testing returning effectivelly

With TOM, you can manage the lifecycle of your industrial tools in a smart way

tom industrial tool management software system
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Meet TOM

TOM is an enterprise tier software system that helps you handle processes revolving around the ordering, shipping, using, returning, testing and maintaining of industrial tools. It comes in handy in particular industrial scenarios where tool orchestration and planning is needed, such as manufacturing, drilling or energy.

A step towards Industry 4.0

With TOM, our goal is to make processes smart, reliable and optimisable for future use. This is why TOM is constructed in a way that facilitates industry agnostic tool orchestration capabilities for enterprises that require a step towards modern day industry.

What makes TOM special?


Increases operational efficiency of tool related processes


Allows for realtime collaboration in the management and maintenance of tools


Can be tailored to and extended into a particular industrial context


Can be integrated with 3rd party systems for MES, Well Planning, Shipping or Maintenance Schedulers


Adapts to the operational processes of any industry


Offers insights into further optimisation

Streamline your execution with TOM

Gain traction in today’s mobile world and extend your reach when it comes to operators, with a solution that’s customisable to your exact needs.

tom tool management software system
tom tool management software system

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