Our mission is to

Use technology to extend experience

A story about optimisation

Optimise everything until it's simple

Coupling the audacity to pursue continuous improvement in any field with the immense desire to make an impact on the world using technology, gives you a company that belives that everything should be optimised until it’s simple.



Simplicity becomes optimisation

By making use of symbolism, our branding perfectly encapsulates our filosophy

Our WHY is represented by an abacus, which symbolises our belief in simplicity.

Our HOW is represented by the hidden arrow pointing up, which symbolizes continuous optimisation.

Our WHAT is represented by the fact that the abacus is RED, where RED stands for exactly what we do, Research, Engineering and Design.

Optimisation becomes virtue

The culture over at abac is given by the great people who understand that in order to do more, they have to be more. The resulting culture is one driven by stoics and smart creatives that view themselves as SOLVERS that constantly challenge what’s true




Being a solutionist means being focused on finding solutions to problems and not problems to solutions. 


We have to be a team when building a solution together, so we have to “own” the solution together.

“my code” should be “our code”

“her fault” should be “our fault”


Creating great things requires a great number of people that must be “linked” together via communication.


We should aim to understand the business and “visualize” the end product.


Being a good engineer requires the ability to select the “best implementation that fits the timeframe”.
too simple and it’s under-engineered
too complex and it’s over-engineered


Being a good engineer implies being a good “researcher” so you always have to experiment and learn new things.

the people of abac

Our principles for building great teams

Working in teams is the golden standard in software development, no mystery there. Working in teams is the golden standard in software development, no mystery there. The principles that we abide to when constructing teams are:


We facilitate and support the balance between teamwork and autonomy.


We challenge and support the people that want to outgrow themselves constantly.


We encourage and support the explorers, or the people that want to find themselves out.


Happy people, Happy clients, Happy company.

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A culture of personal growth

Different people from different backgrounds and experiences come together to accomplish goals and have fun while doing it. But in order to know how to effectivelly work together, we make use of DISC profiling in computing a public “personal” profile for each person. By doing this, we learn what makes us tick, our strengths, our weaknesses and our needs.

custom developer profiling

Our hackathon experience

Whoever said work and fun don’t blend well together, clearly never experienced a hackathon. It sounds so geeky and exciting, but what does it actually encompass?

A hackathon is practically a team effort to jumpstart a software program. Developers work closely with all of the departments, like HR, marketing and content designers towards achieving the desired results.

People of abac

We enjoy spending time together during our barbeques, teambuildings and other fun activities.