A story about optimisation

"Our mission is to use available technology in order to optimise and extend the abilities that are currently available to humankind."

What drives us

We started off as a bunch of smart creatives from Cluj-Napoca with huge affinity for engineering and a passion for using our skills to solve technical problems.

Starting up

Then we crafted a business plan and rented out a house to act as an office (and as living quarters for the co-founders). We literally became our work.

Abstracting complexity

We chose an abacus as our logo because it represents an intuitive abstraction over mathematical complexity. And that's exactly what we stand for. Since our core talents were to research tech, engineer solutions and design interfaces, we named ourselves RED Abacus .


We then started applying our optimisation mindset wherever we got the chance, from our development processes to our working environment and even to our lives. As we kept growing, we needed to create our own story.

abac is a story of trial and error in the search for the optimum.

The journey of optimisation

An abac is only as performant as the number of calculating beads it has. Our journey will help us in meeting like minded people that will help us build the future. And have fun while at it.

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