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abac brings value to the manufacturing equation and matches up smart people with challenging projects by leveraging a collaborator network.



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Industry runs on software and software requires smart engineers. With abac, engineers can subscribe to a feed of opportunities that are tailored for their exact role and stack prefferences.

Open roles

Backend Software Engineer - junior level

Java | .Net | Node | Scala

Backend Software Engineer - mid level

Java | .Net | Node | Scala

Backend Software Engineer - senior level

Java | .Net | Node | Scala

Mobile Software Engineer - mid level

Flutter | IOS | Android

Mobile Software Engineer - senior level

Flutter | IOS | Android

Frontend Software Engineer - junior level

Angular | React | Vue Js

Frontend Software Engineer - mid level

Angular | React | Vue Js

Frontend Software Engineer - senior level

Angular | React | Vue Js

Software Engineer - principal level

Java | .Net | Angular | Flutter


Java | .Net | Angular | Flutter

UI/UX Designer

Figma | Adobe XD | Sketch

Specialised in something else?

Get in touch and find out more about our non-developer roles suited for HR, Marketing, Sales, Content, Web Design and more.

Optimising the enterprise

From business process automation solutions meant for intelligent enterprises to niched products that are determined to penetrate a market, abac’s opportunity network brings value to engineers, enterprises and environment.


A software solution that digitally transforms a set of complex tool management processes inside of the Bosch manufacturing plant.It’s main goal was to reduce the physical space occupieed by unused tools sitting near the production lines, but since the concept was a huge success, it’s current goal is to orchestrating the tools.


The “uber for call centers” or a software solution that allows call centers to operate in a distributed operator model. Get the app, sign in, next-call, nexcall!


A software system for managing the wind turbine installation process. It’s focus for the first phases is to create an experience a in which the site manager can select a team and validate their profiles for competencies in order to progress the implementation of turbines as a team.

Pocket Derma

A software solution which can be used by medics to interact with patients on an online telemedicine platform.The industry that this project is operating in is the telemedicine platform, offering a means for dermatologists to prescribe medication to patients in an online fashion.


A software solution for aggregating a means of interaction between car owners in need of maintenance services for their vehicles and the various service providers.


A software solution that allows A/V engineers to concurrently work with large scale display panels like the ones seen in festivals such as Tomorrowland.

SOLVERs at heart

Professionaly speaking, we represent a community of stoics, smart creatives and technology enthusiasts that always challenge what’s true. And we start with challenging ourselves first.

Community is key

Angular libraries

Angular libraries

Introduction What are libraries? It's funny how we use words in programming. I saw a meme yesterday about how Git terms sound...



TL;DR. Are you tired of manually managing your infrastructure provisioning and configuration? Do you find it challenging to...

Angular Signals

Angular Signals

One of the big problems of the front-end, not just Angular, is reactivity. How do I react to change? It's a big problem because...