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We help startups and mature enterprises in designing, developing and maintaining software products.

The applications that your team has built are running in the plant as we speak, and that is satisfying for us - the customer.
Konrad Kaschek
Plantmanager (Automotive Electronics Management)
The team did a very good job in understanding our needs and helping us build over our solution.
David Bridges
Head of Quality Assurance
The thing I appreciated the most about you and the team, is your eagerness to dig into this new complex world of rental and large scale video.
Claude Ostyn
R&D Manager - ROE Visual
We thank you for this jewel!
Stanca Trâmbițaș
Co-founder of Pocketderma.com
The guys did a very good job and our interaction became an experience for all of us.
Adrian Lupău
Co-founder of CallerQ
Thank you for everything that you do and for keeping our relationship prosperous over these passed years.
David Turner
Co-founder and CEO of Grouplink

Software development meets product

abac creates software development processes that monitor and nurture software driven products in order to help companies survive in today's competitive markets.

Our services

Product design

Guided by your entrepreneurial vision, we can design the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for your application and bundle it into a functional prototype.

Software design

Products need to evolve. Software architecture is important for allowing products to quickly adapt to market need.

Software development

Whether you are looking to outsource software development or to develop custom software solutions, ABAC can scale development teams.

Software consultancy

Sometimes all that is needed is a fresh perspective on your development process in order to optimise delivery.

Technology and frameworks

Our Team


For stunningly fast and responsive user interfaces


For fast mobile prototyping with custom looks


For high performance native android development

Java Spring

For high performance reactive APIs

.NET Core

For building APIs over Microsoft's fastest enterprise tier runtime


For low memory environments where javascript is the common language

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