Business application development

Business application development

Digital manufacturing made predictable

With great affinity towards intelligent process design and experience in building complex solutions for diverse industries, abac manufactures context-optimal software solutions in a predictable fashion.

Business process automation

Business process automation

Optimise the Enterprise

Today’s business runs on software. From marketing automation to internal process orchestration, our software empowers enterprises to thrive in the digital first era.

Incremental innovation

Incremental innovation

Process meets product

Every enterprise software solution, whether designed for internal or external use, serves as a product at its core. Therefore, it must effectively gather actionable insights that can be transformed into future optimisation. This is how we see the world

Intelligent software solutions for any industry

abac helps enterprises in reshaping the boundaries of business using intuitive software solutions that are manufactured predictably for bespoke industry requirements.

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With abac’s digital manufacturing services, your enterprise can accelerate the digital evolution of its business or products.


The manufactured software systems reinvent the way in which enterprises run operations. From business process automation systems to custom built digital products, the resulting systems are engineers towards collecting data for future improvement.


A software solution that digitally transforms a set of complex tool management processes inside of the Bosch manufacturing plant.It’s main goal was to reduce the physical space occupieed by unused tools sitting near the production lines, but since the concept was a huge success, it’s current goal is to orchestrating the tools.


The “uber for call centers” or a software solution that allows call centers to operate in a distributed operator model. Get the app, sign in, next-call, nexcall!


A software system for managing the wind turbine installation process. It’s focus for the first phases is to create an experience a in which the site manager can select a team and validate their profiles for competencies in order to progress the implementation of turbines as a team.

Pocket Derma

A software solution which can be used by medics to interact with patients on an online telemedicine platform.The industry that this project is operating in is the telemedicine platform, offering a means for dermatologists to prescribe medication to patients in an online fashion.


A software solution for aggregating a means of interaction between car owners in need of maintenance services for their vehicles and the various service providers.


A software solution that allows A/V engineers to concurrently work with large scale display panels like the ones seen in festivals such as Tomorrowland.


abac runs on processes. These processes are transparent, logical and always subject to improvement.

MVP Manufacturing Pipeline

An intelligent means of manufacturing a software solution in a predictable, fixed price collaboration style.

Team Augmentation Pipeline

An intelligent means of recruiting and managing software development teams.


As a manufacturer of software solutions, it is our full intent that the resulteing systems help enterprises optimise operations and grow incrementally. As such, abac shares in both an enterprise’s problems and it’s solutions, with great interest.

Johhny Chebat - CEO @ NexCall

Johhny Chebat - CEO @ NexCall

“Ladies and gentlemen, with this first phone call made through the Nexcall application, we have just made history in the call center industry.”

Konrad Kaschek - Plant Manager @ Bosch

Konrad Kaschek - Plant Manager @ Bosch

“The applications developed by your team work in our factory 24-7 for 80 production lines. Bravo!”

Henrik Østgaard - CEO @ KONFORZA

Henrik Østgaard - CEO @ KONFORZA

“The processes are very transparent with an emphasis on adaptability and improvement”

Octavian Cosma - CEO @ Fanaxn

Octavian Cosma - CEO @ Fanaxn

“They did a great job for us with our software development needs.”

The journey to tech excellence

Scientists study the world as it is, developers create a world that has never been. As software developers, our mission is to find solutions to complex technological problems.

But what does it mean to be “excellent” in the field of development?