CallerQ is a simple and effective solution that people involved in cold-call sales would use in order to keep track of the statuses of leads. After each call, the application would trigger a notification that would help the user in adding a reminder and notes with regards to the status of what was just discussed during the call.

The call data would also be sent to a backend server, which the administrator users could use in order to export statistics and lead statuses at a higher level. This would enable a company to hold a fleet of sales agents and track the progress of each sales attempt.


As a solution, CallerQ is a three component system, an Android application that the salesmen would use, a firebase instance that would store all of the call data and an Angular single page application that would allow the company representatives to manage the salesman fleet.



The app that would listen for phone calls is implemented using Android API level 24


Angular is used as a means of creating a fast and fluent SPA according to the material design guidelines.


Google's Firebase is used as a mobile backend as a service solution for social login, crash analytics and data storage.