A story about optimisation

“Our mission is to use available technology in order to optimise and extend the abilities that are currently available to humankind.”

abac software development company

Startup starting-up

The story of abac starts in the year of 2016, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

As a startup, abac was co-founded by a group of three engineers that quit their 9 to 5 jobs and rented out a house to serve both as office and living quarters.

Why did they do that? In order to fulfil their goal of building great software products.

Optimal and intuitive

An abacus’ goal is to abstract mathematical complexity away in order to allow its user to solve problems in an intuitive fashion.

As smart creatives, at abac we took on the goal of building high tech software solutions that are intuitive for the end users.

abac software development company

A touch of product

As abac was started as a zero to hero software development startup, it quickly learned how to have a product centric approach towards developing software solutions.

Good products need more that just ‘working code’ in order to be catalogues as genuinely good.


In order to fulfil our mission statement, we procedurally invest in the creation of teams that can push the boundaries of technology.

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