ACTIV offers an effective, efficient and dynamic platform to monitor and manage the automated testing against new releases of Windows 10. Although the solution was not designed and started by us, we have successfully worked with Camwood in order to build over the solution in an Agile driven fashion.

Putting it simple, Activ is a solution that allows for WaaS (Windows as a service) or better said, remote installations(including drivers or other software) and troubleshooting of Microsoft Windows.


Our team has successfully been working on the Activ solution in order to implement new features and also to clear the app of bugs that have been uncovered in the beta testing phase. We've created this video that demos some basic functionality:

Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to give more details with regards to the architecture of the solution, as the solution itself has little competition on the market that it was designed for.


.NET Core 2.2

We've sued .NET Core 2.2 and .NET framework 4.6 as a backing technology


We make use of websockets for realtime features