The goal of this B2C software application is to offer a very convenient way of obtaining an RCA insurance (Romanian mandatory car insurance) in just a few steps.


The industry that this project is operating in is the insurance industry and it's target market is the Romanian market as pilot.


The system is a multi-actor software system that is composed of a set of mobile application that are used by users to submit insurance requests, a web SPA that is used by brokers to send out insurance offers and a set of APIs in the cloud.


This project had a number of two developers allocated until it reached V1

Our contribution


Lo-fi prototype


UX Design





Tech stack

API - Firebase

Firebase function offer a convenient way of exposing reactive APIs

WEB - Angular

The web client is represented by an Angular 11  SPA client that consumes the exposed APIs

MOBILE - Flutter

Flutter is used for creating the ios and android apps

INFRA - Firebase

The hosting for the Web SPA and many other functionalities are provided by Firebase

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