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Rimo3 is a startup that has envisioned a product named Activ, aiming to create an intelligent means of Automated pre-deployment testing for any Windows application, on any modern Windows version, for any target environment.

- Concept -

From a conceptual standpoint, the goal was to extend the feature set of the Active core product. The goal of this B2B software solution was to offer a way in which organisations could push updates, execute run-lists and validate that everything got installed correctly on Windows based machines. Putting it simple, Activ is a solution that allows for remote Windows as a Service installations, configuration and troubleshooting, including its drivers and its apps. Wow!


Business Automation




Web & API

- Challenge -

Technically speaking, the challenge was to collaborate in providing custom software development services for developing over a multi-actor software system composed of a SSR based web application that consumes a suite of micro-services exposing operations over the seeding infrastructure. As the customers of Active can emulate Windows environments and OS deployments with custom program installation run-lists, the application’s business logic quickly rises to high complexity status.


As a result, the Activ project has had a lot of bug-fixes and feature extensions during our collaboration, and is continuing to grow in its deserved market.

Process Steps






The system is a multi-actor software system that is composed of a SSR (Server Side Rendering) based web application that consumed a suite of microservices exposing operations over the seeding infrastructure


.net core software development technology

.Net Core

azure custom software development technology


- TEAM -

For this project, we’ve worked in close relations with our customer and allocated a number of 3 developers for a period of 1.5 years.

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