buzzr custom software development solution


The system’s goal was to offer a seamless experience to the customer that wants to order something from a restaurant. In that sense, push beacons would be installed under the tables at each restaurant in order to correctly asses the table where a customer wants to sit. After sitting at a table, the mobile app would automatically download the menu for the restaurant and would allow the user to order from the menu. When a customer selects an item from the menu, an tab is automatically created, and the waiters at the restaurant receive the order on their tablet. 

Spring MVC spring boot custom software development technology
Spring boot spring software development technology
Custom infra custom software development infrastructure


The goal of this B2B software solution was to offer a complete menu-based ordering solution that would allow customers to seamlessly order and pay for their checks inside of restaurants and cafes.

The industry that this project was operating in was the HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes) sector from Romania.

buzzr custom software development solution

buzzr custom software development solution




For this project, we’ve worked with a team of 5 developers for a period of 4 months in order to move the needle for this project, which was in the ideation phase.