Technical support case processing system


Grouplink is an enterprise that develops and maintains the industry-leading issue tracking system named eHelpDesk.

- Concept -

From a conceptual standpoint, the goal was to extend the feature set available on the already existing eHelpdesk solution. This versatile B2B solution can be installed on customer premises in order to get customers up and running in offering customer support in a ticket based fashion. Put simply, the eHelpdesk solution orchestrates the full set of interactive flows between admins, managers, ticket processors and customers, allowing companies to process customer support tickets.


Ticket Management




Web & API

- Challenge -

Technically speaking, the challenge was to collaborate in providing custom software development services for developing over a multi-actor software system, composed of a responsive SSR web application that would consume a set of RESTful APIs in order to facilitate the interaction between admins, managers, ticket processors and customers. As this solution would be installable on customer premise, it made use of a install wizard that would set it up on a Linux, Mac or PC.


As a result, the Grouplink solution has seen quite a number of improvements during our collaboration and is continually expanding on the US market.

Process Steps






The system is a multi-actor software system that allows for the customers to set up their own permission and role hierarchy for routing tickets for processing. Built on top of a Spring-based, SSR (Server Side Rendering) solution that consumes a set of decoupled RESTful APIs, the Grouplink platform is adapted for a very wide range of use cases.

Java Server Pages (JSP)

spring boot custom software development technology

Java - Spring

azure custom software development technology


- TEAM -

For this project, we’ve worked in close relations with our US customers and allocated a number of 2 developers for a period of 1 year

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