Large-scale display installation orchestration system


ROE Visual is an enterprise specialised in high-end LED solutions that are used in order to construct large scale displays, such as the ones you see on concerts or conferences

- Concept -

From a conceptual standpoint, the goal was to manufacture an intuitive application that Video engineers could use in order to correctly setup the LED panels that would make up a large screen display. The application itself would run on a graphical processor and would allow engineers to access it if they joined the processor’s own wi-fi network.




ROE Visual


Web & API

- Challenge -

Technically speaking, the challenge was to collaborate in providing custom software development services for developing a multi-actor software system composed of a SPA and a set of reactive non-blocking APIs that would be installed onto the processor as part of a Debian image. The overall complexity for the solution has expanded from the challenge of having a high-performance application running on a low-resource environment to a cloud based solution that would allow engineers to backup and restore processor states, and to distribute them remotely to hardware units.


As a result, the application has reached its MVP stage and has been tested in integration with manufactured hardware. Due to corporate re-prioritization, the project was put on hold.

Process Steps








The low level communication (microcontroller level) is handled by a C++ API that is consumed by a higher level reactive Java based API which exposes websocket based endpoints to a SPA.


spring boot custom software development technology

Java - Spring

azure custom software development technology


- TEAM -

For this project, we’ve allocated a team of 3 expert level developers to perform the research for the feasibility of the project.

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