nanjing custom software development project  


The challenge was to build an ultra high-performance solution that would run on top of a very limited environment without internet connection so in that sense, the platform’s technologies were chosen as ‘best tools for the job’ after performing intensive performance benchmarking. The low level communication (microcontroller level) is handled by a C++ API that is consumed by a higher level reactive Java based API which exposes websocket based endpoints to a SPA.

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Spring Webflux spring boot custom software development technology
Infra custom software development infrastructure


The goal of this B2B software solution was to create a platform that would run on a display processor and that would allow A/V engineers to manipulate the mappings and video signal for LED panels that are used to build up large scale displays (for conferences, concerts, etc).

This software solution’s destined industry is the events industry with a focus on optimising the way that large scale displays are handles by engineers.

nanjing software development solution


For this project, we’ve allocated a team of 3 expert level developers to perform the research for the feasibility of the project