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abac provides tech consultancy and digital manufacturing services that help accelerate the digital evolution of your business or product.

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Full product services

Web design

If you’re in the need for a landing page for your product, an ‘eye candy’ website for presenting your business or an e-commerce platform for selling your merchandise, abac will get you up to speed.

Mobile application development

abac brings mobility into the game by offering software development services for the elaboration of fast and reliable mobile applications.

Custom software development

Whether you’re trying to digitalise your business workflow or you want to build a customer facing application, abac can plan and develop software solutions tailored to your exact scenario.

UI/UX Design

Get your idea in front of people early on by building a functional prototype that clearly illustrates the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of your vision.

abac designing, developing and maintaining software products

Nurturing product development

Having a product centric mindset, abac can help you nurture and develop your software product so that it can reach market grade maturity. From ideation to implementation and validation, abac can help you bring your solution to life.

A step towards business process automation

Today’s business owners rely on data for decision making and on automation for getting things done right. abac will analyse every point of your business scenario and together with you will devise an automation plan that will allow you to optimise your current workflows using technology.

business process automation

Together we can

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Consult on product

There are lot of things to take into consideration when building a software product. This is why it’s important for us to learn the needs of your product so that we may aid you in taking it to the market.

Elaborate product specification

After understanding the context of your software product, we can create a set of standardised specifications that will allow for the product to be developed at any software development agency.

Design product interaction (UX)

For completely understanding how the product should look and feel, we create functional prototypes that allow us to experiment and test user interaction. It also serves as an estimation basis for larger scale projects.

Design product's software architecture

We can create an architectural design for the product so that it can be built using the best suited technologies for the job.

Define a product delivery roadmap

Feasibility should be computed before starting the development of a software product. This means that the product should be sized and staffed based on the deadline and budget available.

Define a product's software development process

Each product is unique, and so are its needs. This is why we create a software development processes that teams can follow in order to achieve roadmaps based on the budget / deadline / teams computation.

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Develop responsive web apps

We use the latest in what Angular, HTML, CSS and JavaScript have to offer in order to build fast and responsive web applications.

Develop mobile apps

We make use of Android and iOS for developing native apps, and Flutter in order to develop hybrid-native apps.

Develop web services

Web services are the foundation of business logic on the web. For their development, we make use of Java Spring / .NET Core / Node.js to develop REST / SOAP / WS APIs.

Develop tests

Tests increase the overall quality of the solution. This is why we focus on creating unit tests, performance tests and UI integration tests in projects.

Maintain production software

Our services also include maintenance for production software that is already customer facing.

Integrate with 3rd parties

Not all features are built from scratch, and in that sense, we are able to integrate various software service providers in your product.

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