“The greatest mastery is that of oneself in all possible contexts”

Software Architect


On-site | Hybrid | Remote


Java | .Net | Angular | Flutter



Flexible Full-Time


Your technical skills

  • Have the ability to manifest ownership over a multi-system solution
  • Have the ability to ‘zoom out’ in order to have a bigger picture of the system
  • Have the ability to understand conceptual information regarding each development track: Mobile, Web, API, Infrastructure
  • Have the ability to ‘pitch’ a winning solutions to principals and seniors
  • Have the ability to interact with a stakeholder in order to understand their requirements
  • Have the ability to transpose functional and non-functional requirements using a technical lingo
  • Have the ability to create a SRS or equivalent document for a solution
  • Have the ability to debug system level issues in order to find solutions to problems
  • Have good understanding of a software system from a DDD (domain driven design) standpoint
  • Have good ability in selecting the ideal architectural style for a solution, based on deep understanding of: Service Oriented Architecture, Microservices, Synchronous communication and orchestration, Asynchronous communications and orchestration, Event driven architecture
  • Have good understanding of software infrastructure and its requirements
  • Have the ability to understand complex software concepts and patterns: Micro-fronteds, Micro-service synchronisation, Event choreography, Big data processing
  • Have good understanding of functional and non-functional requirements
  • Have the ability to propose an architecture that fits the required functional / non-functional constraints, with as little compromise as possible


Your soft skills

  • Know how to give and receive feedback
  • Ability to express yourself in writing (emails, comments, code reviews etc.)
  • Community engagement
  • Ability to offer guidance to fellow colleagues 
  • Ability to offer mentorship to fellow colleagues 
  • Client interaction abilities 
  • Leading abilities
  • Constant self-improvement (by reading books, attending courses, obtaining certifications etc.


Our contribution

  • Helping you take your SOLVER mindset to the next level
  • Working remotely/hybrid and in a flexible manner
  • A path of continuous growth & learning 
  • A feedback culture
  • Perfect environment for own initiatives, challenges & ideas
  • Acknowledgement for your initiatives
  • Perfect environment for your self-improvement by providing books, facilitating the attendance to courses and the obtaining of certifications 
  • Total transparency about decisions, results & strategy


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