Validated engineers for your projects

abac helps you solve real world problems by augmenting your development team with talented engineers that deliver.

Software outsourcing and remote talent management

Recruit validated engineers that solve more problems than they create, for your specific business context.

process for custom software development recruiting

abac helps you recruit evaluate manage engineers

Scaling teams remotely

abac provides you with the logistics for recruiting battle-tested developers in Europe without having to pay unreasonable rates or having trouble with physical offices.

As full stack as possible

Our culture encourages developers to be as full stack as possible in order to attain solution ownership. This means that our developers are proficient in the following technologies:


We make use of Angular for building responsive progressive web applications that run in the browser.


We use Flutter for building blazing fast mobile applications that can easily be interfaced with native iOS and Android code.


Java is a favorite in building scalable web APIs.


We use .NET for building web APIs on Microsoft environments.


Our microservices are all containerized and running on Docker.


Kubernetes is our favorite orchestrator.


Firebase is an excelent mBAAS for apps of all scale.

Selenium, Appium & Gatling

We make use of testing automation tools for web, mobile and load testing of our solutions.

How it works ?

abac matches you with battle-tested developers that have undergone both personality and technical assessments. Your part? Choose from the best ones!

Scale your team with battle-tested developers !