Custom software applications
Custom software applications
Custom software applications
Custom software applications
Custom software applications
Custom software applications
Custom software applications
Custom software applications
Custom software applications

123 – MVP!

Build enterprise tier software applications within a predictable time and budget

Predictable manufacturing of digital solutions

In the era in which business runs on software, enterprises require predictability. That’s why abac has created a unique collaborative model that allows them to manufacture enterprise tier applications in an intelligent way.

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Custom software applications

A modern leap in custom application development

The 123MVP collaborative model introduces an innovative way of constructing and validating  software solutions for specific contexts. This 3 step process allows both startups and enterprises to prototype, architect and develop custom software applications with great flexibility whilst keeping both stakeholders and investors happy.

How it works?

Step 1
Step 1

Concept prototyping

Requirement engineering is performed in a collaborative way in order to create an industry standard specification that is brought to life by an interactive prototype

Step 2
Step 2

Concept Architecture

Based on the detailed specification, a technical delivery plan is created, ensuring that the resulting solution fully meats both functional and non-functional requirements.

Step 3
Step 3

Concept Development

The delivery plan is executed by a software development team that makes sure that the resulting software solution is optimal in context and intuitive in design.

Why is it relevant?

Early feedback

You can get a prototype in front of your stakeholders or investors early.


Intensive collaboration is used towards obtaining an optimal solution.

Full transparency

Each step has a clear list of deliverables and is individually contractable.


Steps can be configured to meet your organizational timeframe and budget.


Applications that are brought up by this process receive up to 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Intelligent software solutions for any industry

With abac’s digital manufacturing services, your enterprise can accelerate the digital evolution of your business or product.


A software solution that digitally transforms a set of complex tool management processes inside of the Bosch manufacturing plant.It’s main goal was to reduce the physical space occupieed by unused tools sitting near the production lines, but since the concept was a huge success, it’s current goal is to orchestrating the tools.


The “uber for call centers” or a software solution that allows call centers to operate in a distributed operator model. Get the app, sign in, next-call, nexcall!


A software system for managing the wind turbine installation process. It’s focus for the first phases is to create an experience a in which the site manager can select a team and validate their profiles for competencies in order to progress the implementation of turbines as a team.

Pocket Derma

A software solution which can be used by medics to interact with patients on an online telemedicine platform.The industry that this project is operating in is the telemedicine platform, offering a means for dermatologists to prescribe medication to patients in an online fashion.


A software solution for aggregating a means of interaction between car owners in need of maintenance services for their vehicles and the various service providers.


A software solution that allows A/V engineers to concurrently work with large scale display panels like the ones seen in festivals such as Tomorrowland.

Embrace simplicity with 123 MVP!

Custom software applications

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