A process for building products

In order to insure that the resulting product is of high quality and that it meets the requirements of its operating scenario, at abac we’ve crafted a software development process that increments over the product’s features in an agile fashion.

software development process equilibrium

Analyse your needs

abac will perform a brainstorming session with you in order to understand what needs to be built. A set of User Stories will be extracted in a structured way in order to serve as the backbone for what needs to be implemented.

software development spec analysis

Functional prototyping

After extracting specifications with regards to how the software product should work, abac will create a functional prototype of the application so that you can interact with it in order to provide feedback.

software development lo-fi prototype

Software architecture

Our architects will plan a strategy for implementing the features required for the product, and will also come with a plan for implementing it in a given time frame.

software development architecture

User Interaction (UX)

The next step is to start planning for how the product should look and feel. Under your supervision, a UX designer will create an interaction plan and a set of content that will be used to enrich the end user’s experience.

software development

Software development

Driven by the best practices of the Agile methodology, abac plans iterative development sprints and sets up a set of meetings (grooming, planning, demo, retro) in order to guide the development of the product.

software development


abac creates a set of manual or automated tests that will be run continuously against the product in order to ensure the overall quality of the experience.

software testing

Staging and Launching

continuous software delivery pipeline will ensure that the product can react to changes. Simply put, abac creates a pipeline so that what you see in the staging environment can be deployed to a production environment by the click of a button.

bizmod software development launching


A lot of user feedback will be provided once the software product will be launched into a production environment. abac takes care of the maintenance part of the product so that the users can benefit from a smooth experience.

bizmod software development maintenance

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