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aabac portfolio of software development and product development customers

Meeting point

A software solution where volunteers can seamlessly interact with companies for finding new challenges and for validating acquired experience.


The “uber for call centers” or a software solution that allows call centers to operate in a distributed operator model. Get the app, sign in, next-call, nexcall!

Codename Automatic

Have you ever wanted to have all of the maintenance operations for your car at the tip of your fingers?

konforza software development solution


A software system for managing the implementation of wind turbines.


A software solution for optimising the process workflow in a manufacturing plant.

Fancoin software development application


An app that allows true fans to partake in betting activities using virtual currency.

Codename Nanjing

A software solution that allows A/V engineers to concurrently work with large scale display panels like the ones seen in festivals such as Tomorrowland.

winsurance software development solution


An app that seamlessly handles your RCA (Romanian insurance policy) needs in just a few steps.

appmake software development solution


A software solution that companies use in order to get estimates for their “to be built” software solution in real time.


A software solution that allows business owners to manage the financial KPIs for their ventures with the help of predictive AI.

activ software development project


A software system that allows you to execute run-lists for installing and verifying installations on windows machines.

Colt. A blakc writing on a white background


A software system for on-demand NaaS management.


A software solution for managing tickets.

pocketderma software development solution


A software solution which can be used by medics to process cases in a remote fashion.

gamduel software development solution


A web application that allows users to play crash or roulette using crypto as betting currency.

buzzr software development solution


A software solution that allows users to seamlessly order and pay for their products within restaurants and cafe places.

breakdown software development solution

Codename breakdown

An application that allows maintenance engineers to find instruction manuals for servicing industrial tools at the manufacturing lines.

realcore software development services


An application that allows the electronic data capture of test results obtained in drug clinical trials.

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