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Meet Nexcall

Nexcall helps your mobilise the operations in the call center industry by granting you the ability to manage customers, operators, call orders and call tasks in a purely remote way. Scenarios like managing support operators, sales teams or telemarketers become your call, with Nexcall.

A step towards call center globalization

At Nexcall, our mission is to enable forward-thinking enterprises to efficiently deploy call operators globally, eliminating the constraints of physical offices and equipment. Through a seamless process, operators establish their accounts, undergo validation by our dedicated back office team, and boom — they start swiping for the next call.

What makes Nexcall special?

Cloud operations

Call center operations are designed to be distributed

Remote operators management

Operators can receive call tasks in a purely remote fahsion

Scripted calls

Define comprehensive call scripts, and your operators will perform brilliantly

CRM friendly

Keep your customers and their call orders in check with Nexcalls integrated CRM


From secure evesdropping to call drop-ins and instant conferences, everything made simple

Mobile and Web

Nexcall allows operators to work from a wide range of devices

Paving the road towards distributed call center operations

Gain traction in today’s mobile world and extend your reach when it comes to operators, with a solution that’s customisable to your exact needs.

nexcall custom call center software system
nexcall call center software

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US: no 824 Saint Nicholas AVE, NYC, New York 10031, US