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We help game changers in designing, developing and maintaining the software products of tomorrow.

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Intuitive software services for your industry

From custom software products to business process automation software, abac is your partner in designing, implementing and maintaining digital solutions.



We analyse your scenario and create an industry standard documentation for implementing a specific software solution


We prototype your application so that we can determine the best use cases together


We develop your application according to the extracted specification so that it looks and feels exactly like the prototype

Empowering disruptive change

By operating a mindset based continuous improvement, abac helps you plan the creation of optimal and intuitive software solutions for both consumer and enterprise applications.

Digital manufacturing made simple

Handling the software development process for a software product in order to meet deadlines is tough, but totally worth it.

We provide software development services for creating fast and reliable, cloud backed, web and mobile applications so that you can focus on what matters.

abac software development company

Software development frameworks


For stunningly fast and responsive user interfaces.


For high performance native android development.


For fast mobile prototyping with custom looks.

Java Spring

For high performance reactive APIs.

.NET Core

For building APIs over Microsoft’s fastest enterprise tier runtime.


For low memory environments where javascript is the common.

What our customers are saying

The applications that your team has built are running in the plant as we speak, and that is satisfying for us.

Konrad Kaschek

Plantmanager, Bosch

The team did a very good job in understanding our needs and helping us build over our solution.

David Bridges

Head, Quality Assurance

The thing I appreciated the most about you and the team, is your eagerness to dig into this new complex world of rental and large scale video.

Claude Ostyn

R&D Manager, ROE Visual

We thank you for this jewel!

Stanca Trâmbițaș

Co-founder, Pocketderma.com

The guys did a very good job and our interaction became an experience for all of us.

Adrian Lupău

Co-founder, CallerQ

Thank you for everything that you do and for keeping our relationship prosperous over these passed years.

David Turner

Co-founder and CEO, Grouplink

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